Nothing illegal allowed- Red Door does not allowed anything illegal of any kind this includes drugs or gambling.

Absolutely No Illegal Drugs- Please do not bring any kind of illegal drugs into the club or on the property or your membership will be revoked, and you will be banned from the property.

Excessive Drinking will not be tolerated - We don't want you falling down and getting hurt or hurting the other guest. You will be asked to leave. 

No Fighting- If we see you trying to start a fight with the guest or the staff you will be asked to leave, and your membership will be revoked.

No weapons Allowed- Absolutely no weapons are allowed in the club or on the property. Guns pocketknives or pepper spray. your Membership will be revoked. 

Smoking is Only Allowed in the Designated Areas- We are smoke free inside the club.  If you want to smoke, we will have an outside smoking area.

No Means No- If a guest says no then just walk away, please be respectful, you will be asked to leave, and membership will be revoked.

No video or cameras are allowed. Please do not take pictures or videos in the club. If you are in your own private area that's up to you but absolutely none in the open areas.

Dress Code- Please dress to impress. No cut off shorts gym clothes or tank tops and please no flip flops or slides (guys) 

You are allowed to wear hats and tennis shoes as long as they are clean.

Memberships- You will need a picture ID and a valid email. No exceptions

Coolers- Please no big coolers. the dance floor is upstairs, and you will have to carry your cooler up the steps. We will have ice for your drinks but not for your cooler. Please make sure your cooler doesn't. leak.

NO Hard Liquor. If you can purchase it in a NC ABC store its Hard liquor. We will be checking.

No Eating downstairs.

Please clean up after yourself if you have any trash laying around, please put it in the trash. We would like to keep the club clean. 

Signing a Waiver. You will have to sign a waiver and Liability form to become a member of the club. The form is releasing any liability from Club Red Door Also a Waiver stating that you can't talk about anything or anyone that you see inside the club. You will entry Club Red Door at your own Risk. 

If you have an any questions about the rules, please fill free to ask. Contact me on SLS @ 69play131 or email me @